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Questions you should ask and Things you should know about your golf clubs. 

Who Built Your Golf Clubs & Why Should You Care?

Clubs Don't Break In! 

Dedication To a Quality Built Golf Club 

If your golf clubs were built by one of the major manufacturers, then they were likely built by individuals in China or assembled in some other foreign country. Many other plants operate in California and Arizona. Our question is:
"How would these individuals ever know your needs and be able to build a club that fits you properly?"

Many would argue: "Then are you saying a person can't use something that is made somewhere other than Texas because it won't fit properly? How about a pair of shoes made in Italy? Are you saying they will not fit as good as a pair made here in Texas?"

No I am not. As you know, shoes never fit real well no matter where they are made. They must be broken in. They must be given time to mold to your feet. But golf clubs do not break in. If they don't fit you correctly, you break in. That is, you adapt your swing to the deficiencies in the club. In other words, you change your swing to fit the club when the club should be made to fit your swing.

• Wouldn't it be better if someone built your golf clubs who knows you and your swing?
• Someone well trained in fitting golf clubs to individuals, then building them to very exacting specifications?
• Someone locally who would be there to adjust your clubs as your needs changed?

There is a company here in Central Texas formed by an individual who really cares about improving your golf game through better fitting clubs. That company is PrecisionFit Golf and my name is Keith Chatham. A few minutes spent talking with me and you will realize I understand the physics of a golf club and how to relate it to your swing. You realize I am dedicated to the craft of fitting and building golf clubs. After a very short time you will find what I do is more than a profession, it is a passion I have for the game of golf and for the equipment.

Now tell me honestly, who do you think would care more about you and your golf clubs. Some guy in a factory over in China or Keith Chatham owner of Precisionfit Golf in Kerrville, TX, someone who really cares about you and your game!