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I fit my customers for the best Accuracy first and foremost.

In the diagram below, #1, #2, and #4 represents the best Driver Accuracy.

IMO, there is too much emphasis on Distance and not enough on Accuracy. Just remember, the Driver sets up the second shot. With Accuracy, your second shot into the green will be shorter and will give you the best chance for hitting more greens in regulation. Distance can then be tweaked after I first find the best combination of head design, loft, best Launch angle, proper length for best on-center hits, shaft weight, shaft flex, face angle, swingweight, total weight, and MOI which gives you your best accuracy..

If you hit more fairways and more greens in regulation, then your scores will go lower. Shooting lower scores and having more fun ..... isn't that what golf should be about!

Golf Swing Analysis Diagram