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There is a big difference between custom golf clubs and "custom fitted golf clubs"...

Custom golf clubs are clubs which are made with characteristics different than the norm (i.e. longer/shorter). Custom fit golf clubs are made to a golfer's specific needs determined during a fitting session with a qualified club fitter. At PrecisionFit Golf individual fitting includes using the most modern and accurate tools made for golf swing analysis. A GolfTek Pro-V swing analyzing computer system is used to evaluate a golfer's swing. Data gathered during the 1 to 2 hour session is analyzed by Keith Chatham, PCS and applied to design and selection of a custom fit golf club.

The PrecisionFit Golf Fitting Program is a 6 Step Process:

Player Profile --
The golfer being fitted is asked to fill out a questionnaire providing the club fitter with information about their attitudes towards their current equipment, their health, their game, and their goals. The golfer provides the club fitter with valuable information about his or her wants and needs.

Present Equipment Evaluation --
Keith looks at 10 elements of the irons and 11 of the woods (drivers). Knowing the characteristics of the player's present equipment will help the club fitter see if the golfer has adapted his or her swing to some deficiency in their present golf clubs.

Swing Evaluation --
The Golfers's Swing is first analyzed on a GolfTek Pro-V swing analyzer. In some cases, the golfer might need to take a few lessons in order to get a swing flaw corrected first. A Flightscope 3D Doppler Radar Launch Monitor will be used to obtain the fitting data when testing. Flightscope will accurately measure Clubhead Speed, Clubhead Path, Carry Distance, Total Distance, Smash Factor, Spin (RPM and Axis), Launch Angle, Horizontal Angle, Ball Vertical Descent, Angle of Attack, Face Angle at impact, and several other fitting Factors needed to complete the fitting process.

Recommendations --
Keith has many years of experience evaluating a golf swing with the use of computer technology.
Keith will make specific recommendations of equipment needs or necessary alterations based on the golfer's fitting results and the goals the player wants to accomplish.

Best Set Makeup --
Selecting the best set make-up for a golfer's game can contribute hugely to helping meet playing goals. What Keith means by set make-up: it's simply the combination of clubs that a player carries in the bag. Some examples of possibilities:

Hybrids - instead of long irons
Blade Irons - for feel and control with short irons
Cavity Back Irons - for control in long irons
Custom Wedges - to suite short game needs

Equipment Built or Altered --
Keith will then build or alter the golfer's clubs to the recommended specifications. Golf clubs are built from the highest quality components by the best trained clubmaker in Central Texas.
"No corners are cut".
Keith will be sure the golf clubs are securely assembled and well built to the exact specifications provided by the club fitting.

Putter Fitting --
Golfers will ask: "Should my putter be custom fitted?"

Keith will determine the best length, weight, grip size, head style for your swing (taking into account your cosmetic likes and dislikes), best lie for your putter and bend accordingly, and then will test you to see if counterbalancing will help your swing and your FEEL!

Please go the Putter Fitting section and view the short video for more information.

Guarantee --
PrecisionFit Golf and Keith are so confident the golfer will be happy with the custom fit golf clubs, a very exclusive guarantee is extended to the player.
If the golfer is not happy with the clubs fitted and built by PrecisionFit Golf, Keith will re-adjust the clubs, rebuild the clubs or return the golfer's money.
It's the golfer's choice. Keith wants his customers to understand they are most important and he will do everything possible to make the set of golf clubs perform better on the golf course.